Community-led deconstruction

Introducing RESET!

RESET is a new community enterprise initiative being developed by Envision and the Helensville Community Recycling Centre

We work in communities experiencing large scale residential re-development.

Our goal is to ensure those communities benefit from the deconstruction of residential houses through local employment and the reuse of materials harvested from the deconstruction.

We build the capacity for communities to be involved in large, industry-led deconstructions and provide a bridge between community and industry during what can be a tumultuous and emotional process for communities affected by the large-scale removal of housing.

RESET's whakapapa can be traced back to Rekindle's work after the Christchurch earthquakes with the Whole House Reuse Project. Having been inspired by their work, Envision supported Rekindle to develop a materials recovery plan, which received government funding, following the Kaikōura earthquakes. More recently Envision has been working with the Tāmaki Regeneration Company trialling the deconstruction of three houses and developing the business case for deconstruction over demolition.


Our most recent project was a community-engaged deconstruction of a 1950’s house. The key outcomes were:

  • Achieved an 87% diversion away from landfill.

  • Proved that deconstruction can match and sometimes surpass demolition on price

  • Achieved an incident free Health and Safety record

  • Engaged only local workers and corrections community service workers

  • Built a proven business model for community led deconstruction

We bring:

  • Hands on experience in house deconstruction

  • The ability to quickly assess and rank the best house typology for deconstruction

  • A proven track record engaging with Auckland Council, industry and community

  • A business model for community engaged deconstruction

  • The ability to up-skill and upscale community involvement over the course of the project

  • Meaningful community engagement (not ‘green-washing’)

RESET is being led by Kate Lowe (Envision) and Treena Gowthorpe (Helensville Community Recycling Centre).

Treena talking to Kathryn Ryan, Radio New Zealand, 27th September 2018

Kate’s interview with Stuff, 7th September 2018

Please email for more information - we'd love to hear from you!

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Matthew Luxon